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Using placeholders (Jumps) to navigate or skip from section to section

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Using Placeholders to navigate/skip from section to section


It is sometimes helpful for transcriptionists to be able to skip from one section of a report template to another.  The InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC) supports the use of Placeholders (jumps) for this purpose. 


To make use of Placeholders:

  • Placeholder Text:  Select a unique string of text to be used to identify the places to which you want to navigate, such as @#$ or @@.  Keep this consistent across all of your templates and make sure Transcriptionists are aware so they can set the appropriate Placeholder in ITC (details below).
  • ITE:  Open a template using the InfraWare Template Editor (ITE) and add the placeholder text decided in step 1 in each "place".
    • Save and upload the template to the platform.
    • Repeat for any templates using placeholder text.
  • ITC: 
    •  User Settings:  All MT's for an Account will need to add this placeholder text to their user settings.
      • Start the ITC and open User Settings from the Settings menu (or press F10) and select the Editor tab. 
        • Placeholder Text:  Fill in the box labeled Placeholder Text with your unique text string (i.e. @#$ or @@). 
        • Auto-Select on Open: Check this box to automatically put focus on the first placeholder when opening a document in the ITC.  If the box is unchecked this feature is off.
        • Delete Text: Check this box to automatically delete the text string when you jump to that placeholder on the document. This eliminates extra keystrokes to remove the text. 
        • Prompt if found when saving:  When this is checked the ITC will scan the document when a job is Marked Complete and will prompt if placeholders are found, so they can be removed prior to completing the document and moving to the next step of the workflow.
      • Click Save to save changes to the server and close the User Settings Window.
    • Document (Job) Open in the Editor:
      • Open a job with a Document Type using a template containing the placeholder text string.
      • Use Ctrl-H to advance from placeholder to the next placeholder.  To move backwards, use Ctrl-Shift-H.  This is also available from the Edit menu.

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