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Waveform Display and Silence Skip in the ITC?

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Waveform Display and Silence Skip


The ITC will now display the waveform (graphical representation of the audio) as a sub-tab under the Audio tab (F2).  That allows the transcriptionist to see a visual of audio volume, including periods of silence.  As playback occurs, the red arrow at the bottom will indicate the current audio position.  You can also use your mouse to click on the waveform to skip to a desired location. 

As a complement to the waveform, dictation will now go through a process that will attempt to detect periods of silence.  If this process is successful (majority of jobs) then you will be able to enable automatic skipping with the checkbox below with the red arrow.  When this setting is enabled, the audio will automatically skip all peridos of silence that were detected.


  • ITC Beta Version or newer


The waveform is displayed by clicking the Waveform sub-tab highlighted in the image below (Audio F2), or by pressing Ctrl + F2 (pressing F2 will continue to display the regular Audio Control sub-tab). 

The checkbox for Silence Skip is located on the main Audio (F2) tab and can be toggled by pressing Shift + F12.  The ITC will default to the last state each time a job is opened.  When this setting is enabled, the audio will automatically skip periods of silence that are detected. 

NOTE:  Although the process attempts to ensure that silence detection will not skip valid audio there is no way to guarantee that for all authors and situations (Example: Authors drastically altering the volume of their dictation).  For that reason, it remains the responsibility of the Transcriptionist to use discretion when utilizing this feature.  It can be easily toggled off with the Keyboard Shortcut Shift + F12.





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