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What factors determine how many jobs a transcriptionist can download?

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Determining Factors for How Many Jobs a Transcriptionist Can Download


Jobs (also called dictations, transcriptions or reports) are downloaded to each transcriptionist for production in the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC).  The jobs a transcriptionist is eligible to produce are determined by their Access Rights.  The order in which jobs are distributed to transcriptionists is based on a combination of features and job characteristics including Urgent Assignments, Masks and Queuing Method.  For more information on the order in which jobs are downloaded, please see KB160.  See KB239 for details on how to check the status of a transcriptionist and see what they have downloaded as well as what their Queue Depth is based on the transcriptionist Access Rights in place.


The number of jobs a
transcriptionist may have downloaded (checked-out) at any given time is determined by the following logic:  The administrator specifies a number which represents the maximum number of checked-out jobs on the Transcriptionist Settings page for each transcriptionist user in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC).  Each transcriptionist sets a similar parameter in the User Settings of their ITC program.  The lower of those two numbers determines how many jobs the InfraWare servers will push to a transcriptionist at one time. Once the number of jobs determined have been pushed to a transcriptionist, they will receive a message in the left bottom of their ITC that says "List full. Waiting for an opening to download jobs".  There are a few exceptions and special conditions:

  • If the maximum number is restricted by the transcriptionist (i.e. the Administrator has a setting of 10 and the MT has a setting of 5, so the maximum is 5) the transcriptionist can search the Queue using the Search tool in the ITC.  Upon finding a target job, the transcriptionist can download that job because it does not exceed the maximum allowed by the Administrator.  Once the number of jobs allowed by the Admin is reached, the transcriptionist must either mark a job complete or return a job to the server to accept another job.
  • If the transcriptionist has the maximum number of jobs checked-out (regardless of whether the maximum is due to the Admin or transcriptionist setting) when an Admin assigns a job to a transcriptionist and marks it Urgent, the job will be downloaded to the transcriptionist .
  • Even if the transcriptionist does not have the maximum number of jobs downloaded, if she selects a Work Status (in the lower right corner of the ITC main window) of any status other than "... ready for new jobs" then additional jobs will not be downloaded until that status is changed to "ready for new jobs".

If an Admin has assigned and marked several jobs as Urgent for a particular transcriptionist, she can specify the order those urgent jobs should be routed to the transcriptionist from the Job Assignment area of the Job Properties page (accessed by clicking the job number on a row on the Queue tab of the IMC).

When an Admin would like to view the jobs currently check-out by a particular
transcriptionist, she can View MT Status by clicking the sub-tab with that label on the Queue tab of the IMC.  Under each transcriptionist's name, a work status and list of jobs will appear.


  • It is possible to experience a message that says "List full. Waiting for an opening to download jobs." when you have fewer than that many jobs displayed in your ITC Main Window.  This can be caused by checking out a job on another computer or not returning a job properly. 
  • Internet connection problems can also be an issue. 
  • The authoritative source to know how many jobs an MT has checked out comes from the View MT Status screen mentioned above (KB239). 
  • If a job becomes orphaned (shows checked out but the MT doesn't have it) the Administrator can Return the Job to Server on the Queue tab of the IMC.


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