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What happens if I unassign an ITC License from a Transcriptionist?

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Unassign an ITC License from a Transcriptionist


Only users with the Transcriptionist role and an assigned license can log in to the ITC.  Administrators of the InfraWare 360 platform can manage their license keys and assign them as desired.  See KB382 for details on managing License Keys in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC).

When an ITC License is unassigned from a Transcriptionist this limits their access in the ITC to the Job Card only.  This access is allowed so they can review their production and submit invoices if necessary for work completed.  If a Transcriptionist is logged in to the ITC when the license is removed by an Administrator the ITC will be closed the next time it communicates with the platform.  If a user attempts to log in to the ITC after the license has been removed they will be notified that no ITC license is assigned, as per the message shown below: 

They will be able to look at their job card, but cannot get to any other part of the application.  See KB590 for details on the Job Card feature.


Follow these steps to add or remove an ITC License:

  • Log in to the IMC at www.InfraWare.com/IMC with your Account Administrator Username and Password.
  • Click the Administration tab, and select the Users sub-tab.
  • Click the pencil icon to the right of the User you wish to modify to go to Transcriptionist Settings.

  • Scroll down to the Pay Rules section, Licensing option.  This change takes place immediately and does not require you to save the user.  Any other changes must be saved by clicking the Save Changes button at the bottom.
    • Unassign: Click on the Unassign License » link to Unassign the ITC license.
    • Assign:  Click on Assign License » link to assign an ITC license.


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