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How do I schedule the removal of a Transcriptionist?

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Scheduling the Removal of a Transcriptionist


The Schedule Removal link allows you to schedule the removal of an ITC license, Transcriptionist Role, or User.


  • Log in to the IMC as an Administrator.
  • Click the Administration tab ⇒ Users sub-tab.
  • Click the name of the User you you wish to modify.
  • A pop-up window will display with options: 
    • Remove ITC License:  When the license is removed the user will have access to the Job Card in the ITC.  Removing the license will cause the Transcriptionist's ITC to be closed, even if they are currently working.  See KB952 for details. 
    • Remove Transcriptionist Role:  The user will not be able to log in to the ITC (including the job card).  See KB519 for details.
    • Delete User from Account: The user will be deleted from the platform.  See KB301 for details.
  • For each of the above options you can click the radio button to determine behavior: Do Not Remove, Remove Now, Remove at (with a Date/Time icon) to schedule for a future date.



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