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How can I setup auto-rewind when stopping playback in the ITC?

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How to control auto-rewind when stopping playback in the ITC


When playing dictation audio in the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC), the program can be set to automatically rewind a bit each time playback is stopped (usually by lifting the foot off the play pedal).


There are two modes for playback, and each mode has a different behavior.  Both modes are controlled by a parameter specified in User Settings of the ITC. 

To change your preferences in the General User Settings screen, just follow the quick, easy steps below: 

  • From the ITC Main Window:  Select the Settings menu ⇒ User Settings option Edit User Settings or Keyboard Shortcut F10.
  • From the Editor:  Select the Tools menu Options User Settings

The first mode rewinds a specific number of seconds (or decimal values) when playback is stopped (i.e. 3 seconds).  This mode is applicable anytime the MT is producing a report for which a First Draft was not provided from speech recognition.  It also applies when a First Draft is in place, but synchronous playback is not enabled (toggled off and on with the F12 key).  See KB97 for details on Synchronous Playback.

The second mode rewinds a certain number or words (i.e. 2 words) and is applicable when a First Draft is present and synchronous playback is active.  It is useful to rewind a number of words (instead of seconds) because the initial utterances can be easier to understand when they represent an entire word.

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