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How do I change the Location for a job in the InfraWare Dictation for iOS App?

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Change Location for a Job


Locations/Departments can be configured within a Facility to control workflow, billing, and user access at that level.  See KB956 for details on Locations.  The InfraWare Dictation app v7.2.0 or later will allow a user in the InfraWare Dictation app to view/modify Location.  The app retrieves Locations for the user's Facilities on sign in.  If the user has a default Location for a Facility, new jobs for that Facility will use the default Location.  If there is no default Location for a Facility, new jobs default to no location.  If Locations have been defined for your Facility you may change the Location from the Job Properties screen by following these steps:


  • Tap the (i) in the upper right corner to go to Job Properties.

  • Tap to Select Location:

  • Tap the Location you wish to select for this job:

  • Tap Done in the top-right corner.


  • Schedule Entry:  If the user creates a new job from a schedule entry, the following behavior applies:

    • If the schedule entry lacks a Location, but the facility has a default location, the Facility's default location is used for the new job's location.

    • If the schedule entry has a Location, that is used for the new job's Location.

  • Freeform:  If the user creates a new freeform job, it is assigned the Facility's default location (which could be undefined)

  • For any type of dictation job (i.e. schedule or freeform), when the Dictate screen loads if the job's Location is not valid for the Facility, the job's Location ID is set to undefined (no location set).



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