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How to set tones for fast-forward and rewind in ITC

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How to Set Tones for Fast-Forward and Rewind in ITC


During transcription in the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC), an audible tone can be played to indicate a measure of how far the fast-forward or rewind has gone. 


To change your preferences in the General tab of the User Settings of the ITC,  just follow the quick, easy steps below:

  • From the ITC Main Window:  Select the Settings menu ⇒ User Settings option Edit User Settings or Keyboard Shortcut F10.
  • From the Editor:  Select the Tools menu Options User Settings

Enable this by checking the checkbox next to "Play tones when rewinding and fast-forwarding".

Note: The volume of the tone played is controlled by the audio volume control in MS Windows which is different than the audio playback volume for the dictation which is set in the ITC.  The Windows audio volume can be adjusted in Control Panel or by clicking the speaker in the Windows Tray near the computer's clock.

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