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How do I see a list of QA Marks?

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QA Marks Report


The InfraWare Transcription Client includes the ability for a Transcriptionist to route work to a QA Editor for review.  By default, when a QA Mark (blank) is added during the transcription process in the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC), that job is routed to QA.  See KB155 for more details on QA Marks.  Users in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC) who would like to see a full list of QA Marks added to jobs by Transcriptionists can run the QA Marks Report. 


  • IMC user with access to the QA Score page.
  • This feature is currently only available in IMC Beta: https://beta.infraware.com/IMC


  • Log in to the InfraWare Management Console (IMC):  https://beta.infraware.com/IMC
  • Go to the Reports tab ⇒ QA Score subtab, and click on the QA Marks Report link at the top:
  • Select Parameters and click Display.
  • Columns include:
    • TX: Transcriptionist
    • Uploaded:  Date the job was uploaded
    • Job #
    • Facility
    • Author
    • Revision: See KB428 for details
    • Position: Audio position, if available)
    • Highlighted:  Text highlighted when the QA Mark was added
  • Click the Export link at the top of the listing to export to Excel for analysis.

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