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Data Retirement Options Available in the IMC for Administrators

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Data Retirement Options in the IMC


InfraWare 360 is first and foremost, a "production" platform.  When dictations are transcribed, the resulting documents can be pushed out to appropriate parties via the Document Delivery System (DDS) and are available to be pulled (downloaded, printed) from the Secure Web Portal.  This article describes options available to configure how long transcribed documents, audio, and demographic data is stored post-production.  



In the InfraWare Management Console (IMC) an administrator can manage data retirement options for a single facility or for multiple facilities at the same time with the same settings:

  • Log in to the IMC with your administrator login and password.  Go to the Administrator tab, Facilities sub-tab:
  • To manage this setting for a single facility:
    • Click the name of the Facility in the listing.
    • Click the »Manage link next to the Data Retirement Policy option.  (Hint:  If you do not see this option, make sure you have the Advanced option selected as shown in the screenshot below.)
  • To manage this setting for multiple facilities:
    • Check the box next to each facility you wish to manage and click the Edit Facilities button.
    • Click »Manage next to the Data Retirement Policy option:

Options Available Include:

  • Delete ADT Records after _____ days.  (0 to disable; 90 - 730 to enable).  ADT records include job demographics such as admission/discharge/transfer data for healthcare, claim # for insurance, case # for legal, etc.).  Set to 0 to disable this setting.
    • NOTE:  The logic used for deleting ADT records takes a number of date values into account.  If you setup the DR policy to remove ADT records after 180 days, we will only delete ADT recordings that meet all of the following criteria:
      • Have not been modified in the last 180 days
      • Have a blank Visit Date, or the Visit Date is >180 days in the past
      • Same for Admit Date
      • Same for Discharge Date
      • Is not associated with a schedule entry, or the schedule entry is >180 days in the past

      In other words, we will only delete ADT records if they haven't been updated in the specified # of days, and also do not have any dates associated with them that are less than the # of days in the past.
  • Delete WMA Recording after _____ days. (30 - 180)  See KB565 for details on how original and compressed audio files are stored by default.
    • Default is 180 days. 
  • Move Job to Archive after _____ days.  (90 - 730)  See KB768 for details on accessing jobs which have been archived.
    • Default is 730 days. 
    • Jobs cannot be moved to the archive before the WMA Recording (compressed audio) has been removed.  See KB565 for details.
  • Delete Document from the Archive after ____ days.  (0 to disable; 120 - 365)   See KB564 for details on how transcribed documents are stored by default.
    • The Document is the Transcribed Reports and cannot be deleted before the job has been archived.
    • Delete Document from the Archive is an optional setting which can be disabled by entering 0.




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