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How do Pay Models work?

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Pay Models


Pay Models in the InfraWare 360 transcription platform allow customers to establish custom unit definitions for each transcriptionist and custom rates for those units.


  • On the Administration tab ⇒ Pay Models sub-tab, create a Unit Definition that describes what constitutes a billing unit (such as a line or a minute). 
    • See KB232 for details. 
  • Create a Pay Model (which includes the pay rate and other logic) for that Unit Definition. 
  • Apply that new Pay Model to each applicable transcriptionist:
    • Click on the pencil icon to the right of the User name on the Administration tab ⇒ Users sub-tab to go to the Transcriptionist Settings page for that transcriptionist.
    • Choose the appropriate Default Pay Model from the drop-down menu in the Pay Rules section.  After doing so, that Pay Model will be used as the default for that MT for Pay Reports unless another Pay Model is specified for a more specific rule.
    • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.
    • This default Pay model will now be used when running the Pay Report w for jobs transcribed by this transcriptionist

Optionally, Tiered Pay Models can be set up for an transcriptionist if more than one Pay Model needs to be applied to that transcriptionist.  See KB818 for details on Tiered Pay Models.

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