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How do I Create a Transcriptionist (MT/QA) User?
How To Create a Transcriptionist 
How can I authorize Transcriptionists to add Addendums in ITC?
Allow MT transcriptionist to Perform Addendums 
Can a transcriptionist (MT) manage their own masks?
Transcriptionist Managed Masks 
How do I check the status of a Transcriptionist?
MT Status and Queue Depth 
How do I adjust a Transcriptionist's permissions (Access Rights)?
How to Adjust MT Permissions (Access Rights) 
What are MT Normals?
MT Normals Explained 
How do I see the date/time an MT checked out a job?
Job Checkout Date/Time 
How to allow MTs to assign partially complete jobs to another MT?
Allow MT to Assign A Partially Completed Job in the ITC 
MT Profile Files
MT Profile Files Page 
How do I see what MT Editors are enabled for First Draft?
Enable MT Editors for First Draft 
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