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What is the Default Billing Model setting for a Facility?

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Default Billing Model


When adding a Facility or changing the settings of a Facility in the InfraWare Management Console, one of the settings is Default Billing Model.


Billing Models allow an Administrator to define how to compute charges for their customer Facility.  This is performed on the Administration tab under Billing Models.  Both units (such as a 65-character line) and rates (such as 12 cents) are specified in a Billing Model. 

Multiple Billing Models can be used for a Facility, but only one can be the default.  This default model is loaded each time the Billing Reports screen is populated.  

For more information on how to create a Billing Model, please see "How to Create a Billing Model" KB234See KB808 for details on setting up a Tiered Billing Model (currently in limited Beta release).



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