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How are Normals (standards) handled in InfraWare 360?

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InfraWare Implementation of Normals


The InfraWare transcription service platform supports a robust implementation for Normals (or standards).
This article introduces the major concepts for the Normals feature and presents strategies for adoption of the feature options. 


Readers should have a fundamental understanding of the InfraWare 360 platform.

Normals, sometimes called Standards or Routines, are blocks of text that are used often. To save time during dictation and transcription, an author can dictate a brief phrase such as, "my normal chest x-ray" and that text will be replaced with predefined expanded text by the transcriptionist during the transcription/editing process.  This is commonly performed in traditional medical transcription. The InfraWare implementation provides additional features for convenience and faster transcription production.
Feature Access 

This platform feature is managed in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC).  In addition, the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC) supports related features for the transcriptionist.

Database Storage and Access 

A fundamental strategy of InfraWare’s implementation of Normals is that they are stored in the platform database. This makes them conveniently available during multiple steps in the workflow. Contrasting to traditional methods involving each transcriptionist keeping lists of Normals in Word or another editor, the features that follow outline significant advantages.
To aid administrative control over Normals, the platform supports the following scopes:  Account, Facility, Author and Transcriptionist.
A Normal that is entered at the author scope applies to that author only

A Normal that is set at the facility scope applies to all authors associated with that facility. Since facility Normals are available by any user in a given facility, they are particularly useful for replacements such as a facility’s address, common names and frequently used blocks of text such as disclaimers and privacy notices that are not already built into templates for the final documents. Authors in other facilities are not affected. 

Moving up a level, Normals set at the account scope apply to all authors in all facilities associated with that account. (An account in the InfraWare 360 platform is most commonly a transcription service company, MTSO.) 

On the Normals page in the IMC, editing is in HTML and is converted to rich text format (RTF) for storage and later use. This means that the text is not true RTF, but can be formatted with all the basic elements of rich text – bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, sub- and superscript, bullets and alignment. This formatting will be preserved when later used in the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC). When a transcriptionist chooses to use a Normal in the ITC they can choose to insert the formatted or unformatted version of a Normal.
During the transcription process, the ITC automatically gets copies of Normals with each job they download. This is fast and happens in the background. At any time in the ITC editor, the transcriptionist can access those Normals by pressing Ctrl + N. When browsing for selection, they are organized by scope (author, facility, account, etc.) and the transcriptionist can choose to insert the formatted or unformatted Normal. 
Additional Features
  • In addition to the Normals feature, the platform also supports both internal and third-party word expanders.  See KB166 for details.

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