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How can I test my FTP server?

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How can I test my FTP server?


When setting up an FTP server (SFTP preferred) there are many variables that must be managed to ensure success.  InfraWare has a testing process you can use to determine if our servers can access your SFTP server folders.


  • To test SFTP connectivity for DDS Destinations, navigate to the Destination sub-tab under the Delivery tab in the IMC.  In the right-hand column, click the Test link for the Destination you need to try.  A pop-up window will allow you to run the test.  It will attempt to login to the server and write a file to it.  Running a test will make use of the port, ip, etc. for a given FTP DDS Destination and will also attempt to parse the path information that is entered for that destination.  Most of the path variable will be replaced with a short string (e.g., “%af” is replaced with “AuthFName”).  The only exception to this are dates, which use the logic:

    Date submitted = current utc date minus 1 day

    Patient Date of Birth = current utc date – 10 years

    Admit date = current utc date – 10 days

    Visit date = current utc date – 5 days

    Discharge date = current utc date – 3 days

  • For each SFTP DDS location, we will store only the latest test connection.  The status ID’s that can be assigned a test are below.  Along with the status there is also a comments field that will hold a verbose error from the SFTP component.  An example of this would be a status of 10 (unable to connect) – the comments will often say either “unable to establish connection within timeout” or “invalid credentials”.  This will indicate a connectivity (firewall, ip, etc.) or credential problem, respectively.

    Test Pending
    Attempting Connection
    Unable to connect
    Unable to create document
    Unspecified error

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