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How does the InfraWare 360 platform use Document Types?

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InfraWare 360 Platform Document Types Explained


The InfraWare transcription service platform supports a Document Type feature to streamline the transcription of dictated documents.
This document introduces the related features of the platform and provides insight into effective strategies to accomplish organizational goals.
Audience: Readers should have a fundamental understanding of the InfraWare 360 platform.
Disclaimer: Note that not all customers use every component of the platform, so portions of this document may not apply. In addition, dependencies, behaviors and features change from time to time. This information is designed to be helpful but is not warranted.


Document Types represent collections of configuration parameters which help save time by accelerating document production based on common document characteristics. By defining a set of characteristics and assigning them a name/number, participants can reference that Type and benefit from the established parameters throughout the workflow.
Featured Access
This platform feature is managed in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC) under the Document Configuration area. It can be viewed by users with administrator and manager roles. In addition, the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC) supports related features for the transcriptionist.
Database Storage and Access
A fundamental strategy of InfraWare’s implementation of Document Types is that they are stored in the platform database. Since various parameters of the Document Type apply to different parts of the workflow, the platform can influence the workflow steps and provide relevant information along the way based on the Document Type selection at the time of dictation.
Document Categories
Document Categories are organizational containers for Document Types similar to folders. Customers can create as many Document Categories as they wish, and they can create many Document Types in each Category. This is helpful to keep the list small for various workgroups. For example, a hospital ER might have a Category known as ER Report Types. That group of physicians would have ER Report Types as their default category, and anytime a physician browsed the list of Document Types, they would be in that context – rather than browsing all Document Types for the facility.
The following parameters comprise the definition of a Document Type:
·         Document Type ID (3 digit number used for telephone dictation)
·         Dictionary and Focus (Speech Recognition)
·         Quality Assurance (QA) Requirement
·         Priority
·         Templates
Dictionary and Focus for First Draft (Speech Recognition)
Document Types contribute to the accuracy of speech recognition (called the generation of a First Draft in the InfraWare 360 platform). When creating a Document Type, the administrator chooses a Dictionary, which is usually either Medical, Legal or General Business. In addition, the Author can select one or more Focuses. Focuses are specialty areas, such as Cardiology or Sports Medicine. (InfraWare has approximately 35 such Focuses.) The purpose of the Dictionary and Focus selections are to improve speech recognition accuracy by identifying the set of words that are likely to be used in such a context. By specifying the Document Type, the platform tunes speech recognition to generate more accurate First Drafts.
Quality Assurance (QA) Requirements  
Quality Assurance is an optional workflow step in the InfraWare 360 platform. In addition to manually marking a job for QA, a number of optional parameters can be set to automatically trigger the step. One such option would be if a Document Type is checked in the IMC to “Require QA by default”, then any dictation that is coded as that Type will automatically qualify for QA. If a Document Type is checked in the IMC to “Require QA by default”, then any dictation that is coded as that Type will automatically qualify for QA. For information regarding other triggers for QA as well as other workflow routing logic, please see the white paper, Solution Implementations – Management and Administration.
The InfraWare 360 platform routes dictations through back-end processing (such as speech recognition) and to a transcriptionist for transcription on a FIFO (first-in, first-out) basis, subject to Priority. In other words, in general, jobs get routed in the order they were received. However, a recently submitted High Priority job will get processed ahead of an older and lower Priority job. The Priority parameter of the Document Type feature provides a mechanism to specify a Priority for any dictation submitted as that Type.
Association of MS Word templates is a fundamental feature of Document Types. Any Document Type defined in the platform can be associated with a specific template. After assigning a template to a Document Type, a transcriptionist will always receive a copy of that template each time she retrieves a job for transcription of the Type. For detailed information about the implementation of templates, please see the white paper, InfraWare Implementation of Document Templates.
Authors can conveniently specify a Document Type with each dictation. Doing so establishes many parameters for the downstream workflow.
Telephone Dictation System – When dictation is submitted via telephone, the author is prompted to enter a numeric Document Type ID. This is assigned in the IMC at the time the Document Type is created.
InfraWare Dictation Client – When dictating via the PC or any other method that submits dictation via the IDC (including personal digital recorders) the author or clerical support staff can specify the Document Type by selecting from a drop-down list. Both the Category and Type can be set to defaults in the IDC for end-user convenience.

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