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How do I start with the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC)?

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Quick Start Guide
InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC)

Scope of Guide

Quick Start Guides are intended to provide a new user with a brief introduction to the covered application. The Guides are not a substitute for training, and they are not comprehensive. Rather, they are concise documents that orient new users to the fundamentals of accessing and navigating the programs. Finally, they direct users to context-sensitive support resources for granular information on certain features.

Who should use this Guide and the ITC?

The ITC is used primarily by licensed transcriptionists and QA editors to produce and correct documents. 

Before You Begin

Before you begin, please be aware of the yellow circles with question marks in them.  Clicking these images will bring up information about the area on the page with which they are associated. 


The ITC provides a concise interface for transcriptionists to receive dictations and associated documents performing much like a secure email client that easily sends and receives all files needed to complete a job. Everything needed to turn a dictation into a report is contained in a single elegant application.


System and software requirements are explained in KB436.


User Requirements:

  • You must be logged in as an Administrator on your PC:  When you run the install for the ITC, the Microsoft ClickOnce deployment software will check your computer to ensure that it meets the system requirements. If it does not meet these requirements, ClickOnce will first attempt install the missing pieces before continuing with the install of the ITC. In order to install software such as Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft SQL Compact, the currently logged in user must be an administrator over the computer.  If you attempt to install either of these software pieces without being an administrator of the computer, you could receive an error message.
  • Make sure all Windows Updates have been installed.
  • The region settings for the computer must be set to English (United States).


  • Once you have verified you and your machine meet all requirements specified above, click here to begin the installation process for the ITC.  You can also copy/paste this link into Internet Explorer: https://downloads.infraware.com/ITC/setup.exe
    • When prompted, always select Run or Open (not Save). 
    • If the system is healthy and meets all requirements, a multi-step installation will occur.

Logging in

  • Open the ITC application by double-clicking the icon on the Desktop or under the Windows Start menu. (Start, All Programs, InfraWare, InfraWare Transcription Client).
  • At the login screen, provide your registered email address and password then click the login button. 

Note: The following are requirements for successfully logging into the ITC:

  • Valid email address and password (created in the IMC)
  • User must have the Transcriptionist Role assigned
  • User must have an ITC license assigned
  • User must have a healthy Internet connection

Main Window

The Main Window of the ITC includes a menu system, button bar, job list & status indicators:


Navigating the ITC

  • Menus
    The menus located on the ITC Main Window can be used to access nearly any feature. 

  • Button Bar
    The most commonly used actions on the Main Window have buttons (shortcuts) across the top. The Search button allows transcriptionists and QA editors to search for jobs according to access rights allowed by the administrator in the IMC.  The Mark Complete button allows transcriptionists to mark dictations complete, at which time the dictation automatically goes to the next workflow step, according to workflow rules set in the IMC.  Lastly, the Return to Server button allows for transcriptionists to send a dictation back for review.

  • Jobs List
    The center of the canvas of the Main Window displays the jobs that have been downloaded from platform servers to the ITC for logged-in users.  With each job, the users see the Job #, Priority, Author, the Date of Dictation, Duration, Document Type, TAT Deadline, Subject, Patient Name, and Visit Date.  The patient demographic information will be null when a job is first downloaded.  Those data fields become associated with a job after the user clicks 'Accept' on the ADT Screen.

    To open a downloaded job, simply double-click or press enter on any selected job in the list.  This will open the ITC Editor and the ADT Screen where the job can be produced.

    Newly downloaded (unopened) jobs are displayed in bold.  Urgent jobs are displayed in red.
  • Communication Status
    The Communication Status displays the ITC's communication activity with the platform servers.
  • Worker Status
    The user is able to select his/her working status from this drop-down list from the following six options:
    • I am transcribing and ready for new jobs.
    • I am transcribing but not ready for new jobs.
    • I am doing QA and ready for new jobs.
    • I am doing QA but not ready for new jobs.
    • I am doing QA and transcribing.
    • I am not working.

The worker status serves a couple of purposes.  It is displayed in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC) and it also tells the InfraWare servers whether or not to download additional jobs and the type of jobs to download.  Of course, any downloads are subject to user permissions and workflow settings.

  • User Settings
    Settings to customize ITC behavior can be found under the Settings menu or by pressing F10 at the Main Window.  See KB56 for details on User Settings.

Jobs in the ITC are opened by pressing enter (or double-clicking) on any job in the list. This will open the ITC Editor which contains the audio dictation as well as the associated text for the Transcriptionist to quickly and easily produce a report.  When a job is Marked Complete, it automatically goes to the next workflow step, according to workflow rules set in the IMC.

User Settings

  • The ITC experience is customizable with options for playback, word expanders, spell check and more. Notice links to context-sensitive help information near many feature settings. Many areas also have a link to an instructional video.

ADT Screen

  • The ADT Screen is used to enter or verify patient demographic information for the document. Unless an account is configured otherwise, the ADT Screen loads first when a job is opened. After clicking the Accept button, the ITC Editor loads.

 ITC Editor Window

  • Transcription work is performed in the ITC Editor. Notice the window contains the features common to word processors: a document canvas, a menu and a formatting button bar. In addition, the ITC contains a Workflow Button Bar and a Function Panel:

The Function Panel can be toggled off and on (to show more of the document) by pressing the F11 key. The ITC Editor supports keystroke shortcuts for nearly every command. A legend of those shortcuts can be accessed from the Help menu or by pressing Shift and F1.

Mark a Job Complete

When you have finished transcribing/editing a job and are ready to submit the completed document to the platform for the next step in t he workflow follow these steps:

  • There are 3 ways to complete a job:
    • Use Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S
    • Go to File - Mark Complete in the File menu:

    • Click the icon:
  • If your Admin has set a requirement that spell check runs on job completion you will see the Spell check run.
  • Confirm that you would like to mark this job as Complete for this workflow step.
  • NOTE:  You may see a Specification check question if your Admin has made use of this feature.  Click Yes to confirm and continue the sign-off process.

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