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How can I disable updating of transcription fields when job is returned to transcription?
Disable auto-updates to Transcription Template Data Fields when job returned to Transcription 
How can I send a job back to do additional transcription?
Return to Transcription 
What is the TX Margin Report?
Transcription Margin Report 
What is the Transcription Production Rate in the IMC?
Transcription Production Rate 
How do I start with the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC)?
Quick Start Guide to the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC) 
What is the link to download the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC)?
ITC Direct Download Link 
How do I install the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC)?
How to Install the ITC 
How can I require MTs to play an entire audio file?
Require playing entire dictation 
What factors determine how many jobs a transcriptionist can download?
Setting the maximum jobs for an MT to download 
Best Practices in Dictation
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