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How do I Create a Pay Model for an MT?

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How to Create a Pay Model for an MT



In this guide, you will learn how to create a Pay Model to define how the platform should compute the pay reports for your transcriptionists and QA personnel.



Pay Models in the InfraWare 360 transcription platform allow customers to establish custom rules for how to pay transcriptionists and QA personnel.  In addition to specifying a rate ($), it allows you to specify units (lines, minutes, etc.).  These are managed in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC).

You will need the following before you begin:

  • An administrator login ID and password for the IMC


  • Select Pay Models on the Administration tab.


  • Click the Administration tab, and select the Pay Models sub-tab.

To create a Pay Model:

  • Click New Pay Model

  • Enter a unique Description for the Pay Model that will help you remember what it does or who it is for.

  • Under Pay this Rate, enter the rate (in dollars) of pay per unit.

  • Under First Draft rate, enter the billing rate per unit for First Draft jobs. (Important: Enter this even if the same as the regular rate.)

  • Per this many units:  Enter the number of units to be paid at that rate. (Usually 1, i.e. 15 cents per 1 line)

  • Using this Unit: From the drop-down menu, choose the unit to be used (This drop-down menu includes both platform defined unit definitions and units you have created).

  • For a description of platform unit definitions, see Knowledgebase Article 232.


  • Note: Headers and footers in template text get special treatment.  Knowledgebase article 157 explains how this works.  Details are chosen in the InfraWare Template Editor (ITE) when saving templates to the platform.

  • Lastly, the platform has the capability to count an extra character when turning on or off bold, underline and italic.  Choose from these boxes how you would like InfraWare to count special characters.

  • When finished, click Create New.

  • The Pay Model can now be selected for running a Pay Report or for selecting a default Pay Model for each MT under their Transcriptionist Settings.


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