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How can I edit a completed job?

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How to Edit ADT Info and Completed Jobs in the Secure Web Portal 


In this guide, you will learn how to open a completed job in the Online Editor to edit the content of a document and/or the ADT (patient demographic) Information. 

Please note:  A Facility User needs to have Secure Web Portal permissions set in order to Edit a Completed Job.  Please refer to KB247 for more information on setting the Secure Web Portal permissions for Facility Users. 

InfraWare 360 Platform allows authorized users to Edit Completed Jobs.   Using the Online Editor, the user can change ADT information, download and listen to the audio file, and make changes to the content of the job. These changes can then be permanently saved to the IW platform. 

You will need the following before you begin:

  • A User ID and password for the Secure Web Portal. 
  • Log in to the EHR/Web Portal at app.infraware.com/portal/
  • Using the Quick Search panel, search for the completed job you need to edit.
  • Select the Job that you would like to edit and using the More Actions drop-down menu, choose Edit Completed job. 

  • A new window will open.  Click the Launch Online Editor link.

 To Edit ADT Info/Edit Job:

  • The Online Editor will open up.  Then choose the Demographics Tab and click on the View ADT button.

  • This will open the ADT window enabling the user to edit the ADT information for this job. Click Accept when done.
  • Audio:  Click to download the audio file and listen to the dictation.
  • Messages: Click this tab to review any messages from the transcription workers to the author.
  • Job Actions: Click this tab and then click Save Modified Document. 
  • Click Ok. 

Note - Changes made to a document utilizing this process will not change the line counts for billing or pay purposes.

How_to_Edit_Completed_Jobs_and_ADT_Info.pdf (350.3Kb)

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