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What factors determine how many jobs a transcriptionist can download?
Setting the maximum jobs for an MT to download 
How do I handle multiple reports in one dictation job?
Duplicating/splitting jobs 
How are job properties changed in the ITC by a Transcriptionist or QA user?
Changing the job properties from the ITC 
How do Transcriptionists Manually Download/Retrieve Jobs in the ITC?
Search and manually download jobs in the ITC 
What does each job status mean?
Job status legend 
How do I use the Job Properties Page?
Job Properties Page Explained 
How can I trim a job that is too long?
Reduce audio length 
What do the summary job statuses mean in the Secure Web Portal?
Job Statuses Explained 
How do I use the job card feature?
ITC Job Card Explained 
How do I make a Job Stat in the Secure Web Portal?
Mark Job STAT in Secure Web Portal 
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