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How do I use the job card feature?

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Job Card Feature Explained


The InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC) gives a transcriptionist the ability to obtain information on jobs they have completed via the job card. 


From the ITC Main Window this feature can be accessed from the View menu.

  • Click on the Job Card
  • Or by pressing the keyboard shortcut CTRL + J

Please Note: Maximize your Job Card window if you are unable to view all of the columns.

  • For each job completed during the dates specified there will be a row on the job card with the following attributes/columns:
    • Author - Author in job properties
    • Facility - Facility in job properties
    • Job# - Unique identification for the job on the platform
    • DT Initials - Document Type Initials
    • Date - Date Completed
    • STAT - Indicates whether the job was STAT
    • FD - Indicates whether the job was completed using InfraWare's First Draft back-end speech recognition service
    • Units - Units upon which document metrics were computed for pay (e.g. 65-character line, report, minutes, etc).  In this example, 6.43 units would mean 6.43 65-character lines because that is the unit assigned to the Pay Model.

    • Level - Corresponds to which pay rule was applied from the tiered rules.‚Äč
    • Duration - Minutes and Seconds
    • Time Worked - Total time in Minutes and Seconds the job was being actively worked
    • Amount - Amount calculated using metrics defined for the attributed Pay Model for that job


  • Start/End Dates:  The start date and end date can be set to adjust the range of results that are shown in the listing of jobs by date transcribed.
    • Time Zone:  Defaults to 'My Time Zone' but allows you to choose another time zone from the drop-down menu.
    • Daylight Savings:  Check the box to observe daylight savings.
  • Facility: By clicking the drop-down arrow next to facility, jobs for one facility can be listed separately
  • Job Type:  Choose from All Jobs, First Draft jobs, or non-First Draft jobs.
  • Save to File:  Saves the job level detail to a .txt file.
  • Rate Summary:  This can be used when you need to get a summary of job card data out of the platform in order to produce an invoice.  The information is put on the clipboard in Windows.  This will bring up a screen showing the rate (in ascending order), the numbers of units for that rate, and the total.  Options include the following:
    • Copy to Clipboard:  Copy the information to the Windows clipboard
    • Close:  Closes the window.

      Below is what would be copied to clipboard (columns are tab delimited).

      Rate Units Total
      $0.50 31.00 $15.50
      $0.60 649.85 $389.91

  • Job Card/QA Job Card:  Choose between transcription jobs or QA jobs by selecting the radio button.
  • Refresh:  Anytime the date or facility items are changed, the "Refresh" button will need to be pressed to update the job list data.
  • Close:  Closes the Job Card window.  Escape will also close the window.


  • Administrators have the option of not allowing access to the job card by a setting called "Hide Job Card in ITC" found in the Transcriptionist settings in the IMC for a user.  Please check with your account administrator if you are unable to access your Job Card.
  • "*" indicates Metrics are pending for the job.

Please watch a short video that describes the ITC Job Card feature:

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