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How do Transcriptionists Manually Download/Retrieve Jobs in the ITC?

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How to Manually Download/Retrieve Jobs in the ITC


Within the Search Jobs window, transcriptionists have the ability to filter their search in a variety of ways, starting with Provider info (Facility, Document Category, Document Type, and Author).  This feature can be disabled for a transcriptionist in the Transcriptionist Settings. See KB278 for more details. 


The Search Jobs window can be accessed from the Main Window in several ways:

  • Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S from the Main Window:
  • Go to the Actions Menu ⇒ Search for Jobs:
  • Click on the Search Jobs Icon:


Setting Search Parameters

  • Provider Filters:  Within the Search Jobs window, transcriptionists have the ability to filter their search in a variety of ways, starting with Provider info (Facility, Document Category, Document Type, and Author). 
    • By selecting a Facility from the drop-down menu, a transcriptionist can select a Document Category and/or a specific Author to enhance their search. 
    • By selecting a Document Category, the ITC will then allow for a Document Type to be selected from the respective drop-down menu. 
    • All four (4) of these options can be used simultaneously to filter a search.
    • Assigned to Me: Transcriptionists have the ability to filter their search to show only jobs assigned to them. See KB690 for details of this feature.
  • Date Filters:  A search can also be filtered by various dates including Date of Birth (DOB), Admit Date, Discharge Date, and Visit Date. By entering or selecting any or all of these filter criteria, a transcriptionist can focus on a particular period of time to search for a job.

  • Max # Jobs:  This drop list allows you to select the max # of Jobs to return (100, 500, 1000, 2000).
  • Job Property Filters:  Transcriptionists can also search for specific information within a property of jobs.  As shown below, transcriptionists can search for these specific attributes in any supported field including both job information (Job #, Subject, etc.) and patient demographics (Last name, Patient Type, user-defined fields, and much more).  To find a certain job, specify the criteria upon which to search.  Jobs matching the criteria will be listed and can be double-clicked to initiate a download.

    • Tip: Keep in mind that patient demographic information is not associated with a job until it is entered or accepted on the ADT Screen, so it isn’t helpful to search by such fields before a job has been initially worked. 
    • Add Criteria:  Within the "Search for" section, additional filters can be applied.  By clicking the ‘+’ button to the right of the drop-down menu, additional criteria can be added to drill down to more specific, granular searches.
  • Job Status Filters:  While in the Search Jobs window, transcriptionists can select the status of the job for which they are searching. This option allows a transcriptionist to select one, any, or all of the current statuses of the job that is being searched. 
    • By clicking on the "Available for Edit" link you will see jobs in the delayed for advance workflow, if that feature has been enabled.  See KB753 for details on this feature in the ITC, and KB755 for details on how an administrator can set up this feature for their account.

  • My Feedback: When jobs are QA'd, the QA Editor can record feedback for transcriptionists to review.  Using the My Feedback checkboxes, transcriptionists can search for the jobs (they had performed) that have feedback for the transcriptionist to review.  See KB306 for details.

    To search results, there are two options:  All Feedback and New Feedback.  As the label suggests, New Feedback will only list jobs with feedback that the transcriptionist has not previously retrieved.

  • First Draft Training: Editing exercises designed to introduce medical transcriptionists to the fundamentals of editing are available from the platform to be worked in the ITC. See KB618 for details on these training exercises.

Performing a Search 

Once you have filtered the search, click the Search button to complete the process.  All of the jobs that meet the search requirements will appear in the bottom of the Search Jobs window.

Save for Next Search 

  • Save the Search criteria in order to perform the same search more than once, or to archive the search, by clicking the 'Save for next search' checkbox under the Cancel button.  This saves the search criteria for the next time the Search Jobs window is loaded.  The search can then be used again or modified on next use.

Downloading Jobs 

  • Download a Single Job: When the job appears that you are looking for, select the job in the window and click Download, or simply double-click on the job.  This action will trigger the downloading of the job to your ITC. 
    • Tip: Arrow up and down the list with arrows on the keyboard and hit Enter to download the selected job.
  • Download Multiple Jobs: If you would like to download more than one job, hold down the Ctrl button and select the other job(s) you would like to retrieve; this will highlight each job you have selected. When you have selected all of the jobs you wish to download, click Download. Within a few seconds, the Search Jobs window will close and the new job(s) will appear in your Job List.
    • Tip:  Arrow up/down the list while holding down the Ctrl key to select (highlight) multiple jobs. Press Enter on the keyboard to download the selected (highlighted) jobs.

Troubleshooting Tip:  If too many jobs are selected to download (over the maximum # of checked-out jobs which is set in the Transcriptionist Settings and/or their ITC User settings) then a message will appear that the Job List is full and only the first jobs selected that do not exceed that limit will download.

  • See KB95 for details on the maximum number of jobs checked out. 
  • See KB303 for details on how an administrator can set this limit.

To fix this problem follow these steps in the ITC:

  • Close out of the Job Search screen.
  • Change worker status to ‘Transcribing but not ready for new jobs’ (KB624).
  • Return any jobs that are checked out back to the server (KB188), up until there is enough job space to download the desired number of jobs.
  • Perform the desired search for jobs and successfully download them.

Exceptions:  There are exceptions to the above rule:

  • If your Job List is full, you are still able to view a similar job.
  • If an administrator assigns an urgent job,  it would be downloaded irrespective of whether or not the Job List is full.

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