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InfraWare 360 platform Overview
InfraWare 360 Platform Overview 
How do I configure the platform features?
How to Configure the Platform Features 
How do I Control Audio Settings in the ITC?
ITC keyboard Audio Controls 
How do Transcriptionists Manually Download/Retrieve Jobs in the ITC?
Search and manually download jobs in the ITC 
How do I use Playback Pedals (Foot Pedals)?
Configure pedals for ITC 
How to import and export word expander lists
How to import and export word expander lists into Quick-Type & Quick-Text 
ITC Error Message at login: "You are not an authorized or active transcriptionist."
License assignment required for ITC login 
Using placeholders (Jumps) to navigate or skip from section to section
Using Placeholders 
What factors determine how many jobs a transcriptionist can download?
Setting the maximum jobs for an MT to download 
How can I manage my spell check dictionary?
Customize spell checking 
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