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How do I use Playback Pedals (Foot Pedals)?

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How to use Playback Pedals (Foot Pedals)


The InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC) supports standard USB and Serial playback pedals.  


  • USB - A driver is built-in to the software to control standard USB pedals including, but not excluded to, USB-1 and USB-2.  
    • For installation, simply connect the USB cable to your computer and then start the ITC.  Once in the ITC Editor, compatible devices will function automatically.  Make sure that no other program has control of the foot pedal. 
  • Serial - Serial pedals require configuration. 
    • On the login screen of the ITC, click the Administration button:
    • Click the Serial Pedals tab. 
    • Click the checkbox to enable serial pedals, then choose the COM port to which your pedals are connected.  Some pedals may require advanced configuration.  This involves determining which pin on the serial cable controls each pedal function (play, rewind, fast-forward) through trial and error.
    • Click Save.
  • To access additional Foot Pedal configuration options go to the login screen of the ITC and click the Administration button:
    • Reverse Rewind and Fast Forward:  By default, the left button on the pedal is Fast Forward and the right button is Rewind.  To reverse this follow these steps:
      • On the USB Pedals tab click the box to Reverse FF and REW, then click Save.
    • Tap to Play / Pause:  The default behavior of the foot pedal is to hold the pedal down to continue playing.  Letting off the foot pedal will stop the audio. If your preference is to Tap the pedal to Pause and/or Play you can change this setting:  
      • On the USB Pedals tab click the box to Tap to Play / Pause, then click Save. 

To acquire USB pedals, contact customer service. 

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