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How do I use Playback Pedals (Foot Pedals)?
Configure pedals for ITC 
How do I Use Playback Pedals in the IDC?
How to Use Playback Pedals in the IDC 
How can I customize recording controls (pedals and buttons) for the IDC?
Customize recording pedals 
How do I login to the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC)?
Logging into the ITC 
How can I control recording in the IDC?
Recording Dictation via PC microphone 
How do I Control Audio Settings in the ITC?
ITC keyboard Audio Controls 
What is new in the Online Editor?
What's new in the Online Editor? 
How can I use my front-end speech recognition software in the IDC?
Front-end speech recognition in the IDC 
Why does Ctrl + Spacebar not work to toggle Synchronization on/off?
Troubleshooting Synchronous Playback with Ctrl + Spacebar 
How do I customize IDC User Settings?
IDC User Settings 
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