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What is new in the Online Editor?

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What's new in the Online Editor?


The Online Editor (OE) is InfraWare's editor that runs in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge (KB1008), for editing activities including QA and eSign in online applications including the InfraWare Management Console (IMC) and the Secure Web Portal (Portal).  In August of 2016 an updated version of the Online Editor is being made available for the IMC and Secure Web Portal as a limited Beta release. 

Enhancements include: 

  • Updated controls
  • User Settings:  
    • User preferences are saved to the platform on Save.
    • Enable Foot Pedals
    • Zoom Factor
  • Window size, state, and location will be retained from session to session.
  • QA Specifications tab for Account users (KB878).
  • Additional details have been added to the Job Info tab.
  • Transcriptionist Setting - Allow MT to perform QA Scoring is observed for Account users (KB879).
  • Additional foot pedal support:  Alt + F12 will toggle foot pedal support between the ITC and Online Editor if both are open.  This can also be accessed from the Tools menu.
  • ADT:
    • The ADT button has been moved to the toolbar at the top of the page to match the ITC:
    • ADT Search is available from the ADT page:
    • On 9/30/2016 the new Online Editor was updated to observe the following changes:
      • Facility Messages - The facility message tab will be automatically selected if a message exists for the job.  This will typically take place during eSign.  See KB206 for details on this feature.
      • eSign Modified Document - The eSign Modified Document button will be disabled until the user makes a change.  This logic is also applied to the Skip & Save and Reject & Save buttons, as well as their corresponding menu entries.

Please contact Support for any questions or concerns.



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