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How can I boost volume for telephone (TDS) dictation?

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Increasing Volume for Telephone Dictation


The InfraWare Telephone Dictation System (TDS) records audio from the public telephone network at the volume delivered by the telephone company.  That volume is often lower than MTs prefer.  For that reason, InfraWare allows administrators to specify an amplification level for incoming TDS dictations.


Options range from 10% to 30% in 5% increments.  The setting is specified on a Facility basis in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC) on the Facility Settings page on the Facilities sub-tab under the Administration tab.  Click the name of a facility and scroll down to the Dictation section:


When selecting an amplification level, be judicious by using the lowest amplification percentage that provides the volume needed.  When the recording is amplified, the noise is amplified as well.  This leads to distortion (making playback sound scratchy).  30% is rarely the best option.  10% or 15% is a good place to start. 

Once this setting is saved, it will apply to all newly submitted telephone dictations.




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