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How do I perform QA in the IMC?

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How do I perform QA in IMC?


Account users with authorization (Administrators, Transcriptionists, Managers, and System Administrators) can perform QA using the Online Editor in the InfraWare Management Client (IMC).  Access to QA jobs are based on the QA Requirement and associated Authorization of the job with one exception:  The Account Administrator can QA a job using the Online Editor in the IMC regardless of the QA Assignment.  


  •  Sign into the IMC using your Login ID and password. 
  •  Choose the Queue Tab, QA Queue Sub-Tab.  
  •  Check Display Administrator QA Options - Administrators only.  Other users will not have this option.  This gives the Account Administrator access to all jobs in the QA queue regardless of Authorization.   
  • Place a checkmark in the job you would like to QA or Click the checkmark to the left of Job# (blue bar) to QA all the jobs.  
  •  Click QA in Online Editor. 

  • Click on “Launch Online Editor" if it doesn't automatically open.  
  •  The Online Editor will open.

  • Click Download Recording to download the audio file to your computer.
  • Once downloaded, you can use your Foot Pedal to listen to the audio of the job. 
  • Click on the QA Marks Tab to review any QA marks that are in the document.


 When QA Scoring is done, you can click on:

·         Demographics to Edit ADT information.

·         Facility Messages to read any messages the MT left for the Facility.

·         Feedback for any messages received from the Facility.

Then Click the QA Actions tab. 

  •  Mark Complete - Job moves on to the next workflow step.    
  •  Save Without Advancing -->  your edits will be saved but the job will still be available for further QA.  
  • Return to Server - Changes you have made will not be saved and the job will return to QA Pending status.  
  • The Online Editor will then walk you through each job selected for QA until all are complete.

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