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What are the Document Type columns on the First Draft author list?

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Document Type Columns on the First Draft Author List Explained


For customers subscribed to the First Draft Dictation Recognition service, authors can be enabled or disabled for First Draft (speech recognition) in InfraWare Management Console under the First Draft tab. The list of authors includes several Document Type columns to help administrators identify the Document Types (work types) available for recognition (the opportunity for First Draft).

The Document Types column fits the following format: Total / Available / Templated / Enabled

Those column headings are defined as follows:

  • Total - This is the total number of Document Types this author has dictated in the past 30 days.
  • Available - This is the number of the Total Document Types for which First Draft has built models (required for First Draft). Models are only built when enough data (reports) are collected.
  • Templated - This is the number of Available Document Types for which the associated templates have been modified to include First Draft components (fields and phrases).
  • Enabled - This is the number of Templated Document Types that have been enabled for First Draft.

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