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How do I enable authors for First Draft?

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How to Enable Authors for First Draft


For customers subscribed to the First Draft Dictation Recognition Service, authors can be enabled or disabled for First Draft (speech recognition) in InfraWare Management Console (IMC) under the First Draft tab, Authors sub-tab and select the Author from the list.


  • Administrator username and password for the InfraWare Management Console (IMC).


  • Login to the IMC using your Administrator username and password
  • Select the First Draft tab, Authors sub-tab
  • Click on the Author's name to open the First Draft Author Details window

  • The Bar at the top depicts the Fraction of the Author's dictations that are enabled for First Draft.  See KB410 for more details on Fraction Enabled.
  • Under Document Types, select the documents types that you would like enabled for First Draft.  See KB412 for information regarding enabling Document Types for First Draft.
  • Click the Save Changes Button when done.


  • Optionally, select to route some Dictation Sources to the Document Identification Queue.  See KB423.
  • When we perform the grading process on a author/facility/document type, we need at least 10 files to successfully obtain the grade. If an author dictates sporadically (Example: If they only submit 8 jobs or so at a time and then it is up to 3 weeks before the next round of jobs come along for this facility/document type match) we are not able to grade for this combination. 


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