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First Draft Author Candidates - Enabled lines / month
Enabled Lines/Month on the FD Authors Page Explained 
How do I enable a Document Type for EVP?
Enable Document Type for EVP 
What is the Fraction Enable column in First Draft Author Candidate lists?
Fraction Enabled 
How do I enable authors for First Draft?
Enable Authors for First Draft 
How do I enable certain Document Types for First Draft ?
Enable Document Types for First Draft 
What does the "Enabled" column mean on the First Draft Authors Page?
Recognizing author's work enabled for First Draft  
How do I see what MT Editors are enabled for First Draft?
Enable MT Editors for First Draft 
How do I enable MTs to be editors from the First Draft Editors page?
Enabled a transcriptionist to receive First Draft work 
Why are jobs for an Author who is enabled for First Draft not going through First Draft?
Troubleshooting jobs which did not go through First Draft 
What does the "% of eligible FD" column represent in the First Draft Editors table?
Portion of Eligible Work for Editors 
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