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How do I control a Transcriptionist's access to First Draft work?

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Enabling Editors for First Draft


In the InfraWare 360 platform, the Transcriptionist role allows a Transcriptionist to receive dictation jobs to transcribe.  Many settings define granular access to work and other platform behavior related to the Transcriptionist.  One of those settings controls whether or not the Transcriptionist is eligible to receive First Draft (speech recognition) jobs.


This setting is controlled on the Transcriptionist Settings page in the IMC:

  • Transcriptionist Settings:  To access the Transcriptionist Settings page, click the Administration tab and the Users sub-tab.  Locate the user to modify and click the pencil in the MT column.
    • Transcriptionist Permissions - Masks:   Near the bottom of the page is the Transcriptionist Permissions section.  Locate the "Mask First Draft" option and select from the drop-down menu.  See KB91 for details on the Masking feature.  Click on the drop-down menu and select the desired option.  Options include:
      • Transcription jobs only - This is the default.  No First Draft Jobs will be available.
      • Receives Transcription jobs , then First Draft jobs - Only receives First Draft jobs when regular transcription jobs are not available.
      • Either Transcription or First Draft jobs - Jobs are routed to user with no preference related to First Draft (or not).
      • Receives First Draft jobs first, then Transcription jobs - Only receives transcription jobs when regular First Draft jobs are not available.
      • First Draft jobs only - First Draft jobs will be routed to this user, but not regular transcription jobs.
    • MT Access Rights:  The above options for First Draft routing can also be set up as part of Transcriptionist Access Rights.  See KB814 for details on how to use this feature for each level of an Access Rights plan.


Many other factors influence the routing of jobs.  Eligibility for First Draft vs. Transcription work is only one criteria.

Jump to the Users page >> to select a Transcriptionist.

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