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How is Optional Template Text counted for billing or pay?

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Optional Template Text Metrics


InfraWare 360 supports optional template text with the “Optional Template Text” (OTT) template field in the InfraWare Template Editor.  The OTT field only supports static text, and therefore cannot contain any additional template fields or have its content modified during transcription.

OTT fields are recommended to solve two scenarios:

  • Optional Text - You wish to exclude template text from billing or pay for a facility using templates that contain one or more headings or text segments that are removed during transcription if they are unneeded. This will cause the OTT Fields to only be included in the template metric count if they are utilized during transcription.
  • Protected Characters - You wish to identify headings or text segments that you would like to be able to toggle on/off for billing and pay. This option is exposed under the Billing / Pay models.

Metrics Calculation

InfraWare 360 recognizes that Optional Template Text fields may be deleted during the workflow process. When this occurs, InfraWare 360 will detect that the optional text has been removed and will not include that text in the template metrics. This is useful for administrators who would like to only bill for transcribed content (i.e., not for template text) and would also like to have templates built with sections that may or may not be used.

Scenario 1

An administrator does not want any template text to be included for billing or pay.  This can be accomplished by selecting ‘Do not count template text’ on the Billing or Pay model page:

If a template contained no optional template text fields, then the final billing or pay calculation is as simple as subtracting the template’s metric count (including any manual template adjustments) from the transcribed document.

If a template contained optional template fields, then the template’s metric would be automatically adjusted to only include those optional text fields that were used in the transcribed document. This value (along with any manual template adjustment) would then be subtracted from the transcribed document to produce the final billing or pay count.

Scenario 2

An administrator does not want any template text to be included in pay (same as scenario 1), but would like to bill for the optional template text fields. This can be achieved by selecting ‘Do not count template text’ for the pay model, and selecting both ‘Do not count template text’ & ‘Count optional template text’ for the billing model:


By checking the option to ‘Count optional template text’ the same calculation from Scenario 1 will take place, but the optional template text metrics count will be added back into the final count.

Placeholder Text

Placeholder text counts as template text.  We recommend that placeholder text be added as optional template text.  If the template contains a lot of placeholders this can cause an issue with Optional Template Text, so we recommend modifying the template metrics instead. 




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