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How is Optional Template Text counted for billing or pay?
Optional Template Text Metrics 
How do I set up optional template text in the InfraWare Template Editor?
Setting up Optional Template Text (OTT) 
Is InfraWare a speech recognition vendor?
Transcription workflow and back-end speech recognition 
How does eSign-off work?
eSign-off Explained 
What are 'External' ID fields?
External IDs Explained 
How can I place my logo on the Secure Web Portal and the Secure Web Portal Login?
Place Custom Logo on EHR Website 
How does First Draft interpret frequently used commands in dictation?
First Draft and Frequently Used Commands in Dictation 
How do I QA Score a job and/or provide MT Feedback in the Online Editor in the IMC or in the ITC?
QA Scoring in the Online Editor in the IMC 
InfraWare Template Editor - Template Wizard Instructions
Using the ITE Template Wizard 
How can I setup masks for MTs to get specific types of jobs?
Setting up masks for transcription queuing 
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