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How can I backup and restore my ITC User Settings?

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Backup/Restore of ITC User Settings

ITC users can invest significant time and effort into the User Settings that customize their working experience.  Backing up these settings is very important to prevent the potential loss if the user's hard drive fails or other disaster occurs.  The backup/restore process can also be useful to simply move User Settings from one computer to another.

There are two ways to backup User Settings:

  • To your local media (hard drive, flash drive, external hard drive, etc.)
  • To InfraWare servers

While backing up to your own local media can be helpful, InfraWare makes it very easy to back-up to our servers.  From the ITC Main Window, go to the Settings menu, then User Settings, then Save to Platform:

After getting the confirmation "Settings successfully saved to platform.", you can be sure your settings are backed up.  You can retrieve (overwrite) your settings on this computer or any other computer by following the same process and selecting Load from Platform.  The only limitation to backing up to the platform is that only one copy of the settings can be stored at one time.  If you also use the Save to File option from the menu, you can have a copy of a backup file to save in a safe place on your own, and you can also keep as many copies or versions as you choose.  The process is very easy, and InfraWare recommends that users do both.

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