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How do I restore a deleted user (undelete)?
How to restore (undelete) a user 
How do I restore a deleted job?
Restoring a Deleted Job Explained 
How can I backup and restore my ITC User Settings?
Backup/Restore ITC User Settings 
How do I restore a previous version of a template?
Restoring a Previous Version of a Template in the ITE 
How can I roll-back a version of the ITC/ITE/IDC?
How to downgrade to previous build 
How do I Restore a Previous version of a document in the ITC?
Recover Previous Version 
How can I backup and restore my IDC User Settings?
Loading User Settings in the IDC 
Why isn't the ITC or IDC visible after starting?
Why is the ITC or IDC not visible after starting? 
What to do when there are problems running files during ITC installation?
Cleaning up to prepare for a fresh ITC install 
What is the InfraWare Mobile Drafts page?
InfraWare Mobile Drafts Page 
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