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How do I restore a deleted job?

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Steps to Restore a Deleted Job

Even though you might have deleted a job on the platform, the job is not immediately deleted. It is only marked for deletion on the platform. Fortunately, this allows for the job to be restored in instances where it was accidently deleted. You can restore a deleted job by going through the following steps:

An administrator login ID and password for the IMC is required.



  • Select the Queue" Tab and then the "Admin Queue" Sub-tab.
  • Select the “Queue" Tab and then the "Deleted Jobs" Sub-tab.
  • Filter the list by choosing a Facility.
  • You can also filter by Job Number, Subject, or Author.
  • Find the job that you would like to restore (the job# is the far left hand column).
  • Click on the Restore button on the far right hand column.


  • The job will now show up in your admin queue once again.

Please watch a short video that describes Restoring a Deleted Job in the IMC feature

The Video Index below will allow you jump straight to that point in the video, or you can choose to view the entire video, which includes details for deleting jobs in the IMC.

Restore a Deleted Job 1:41


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