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How does communication work for interfaces?

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Interface Communication


Interfaces between InfraWare 360 and third party systems (typically EMRs) can occur two ways:

  • Port-to-port - meaning the communication happens in real time from a TCP "port" on one of InfraWare's servers to one of the third party servers.  This type of communication is not inherently secure (encrypted) so it typically requires a VPN to be established to encrypt all data flowing across the interface to support HIPAA compliance.
  • File transfer - meaning the communication message is written to a file on one side and transferred to a folder on the other side where it is picked up and read.  This usually occurs over SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) which includes encryption to satisfy HIPAA compliance.  Many InfraWare customers use a freely available SFTP server software to accomplish this on the other side from InfraWare.

See a brief video describing these options:

See related articles below for more information about setting up a VPN or SFTP server.

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