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What is the IMC Queue?

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Queue Overview

The Admin Queue, sometimes just called the Queue in the IMC, is the list of jobs flowing through the workflow platform.  It displays each job's status and other properties and allows Admins to view and change job properties, make workflow assignments and much more.

Job lists can be searched and filtered by many criteria.  Actions can be performed on one or more jobs (e.g. add delivery instructions, change the workflow status, etc.)  Users can select which colums to display.  There are two primary search functions.  A Quick Search is designed for ad hoc queries to find a specific job or group of jobs.  A Saved Search is designed to do the same thing on a routine basis, such as all incomplete H&Ps for Dr. Smith.

Under the Queue tab, there are many options in addition to the Admin Queue on the series of sub-tabs.  These other queues are more purpose-specific.

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