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How does QA Pay work?

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QA Pay Overview


QA compensation is setup and computed almost exactly the same as transcription (and editing).  There are QA Pay Models under the Administration tab in the IMC right next to regular Pay Models.  See KB108 for a description of how Pay Models work.  It is the same for QA Pay with one major exception.  The compensation for QA work is based on the entire document (lines, or whatever the pay metric is based upon) at the time the QA person (transcriptionist) marks the document complete for their workflow step.  If multiple QA levels (steps) are involved, each person (level) gets paid based on the size of the document checked in by them.  This is in contrast to transcription where only one MT is paid for the entire document, or if two MTs contributed to the document, they share the count for the finished document.

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