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How do I delete a Global Document?

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Deleting Global Documents


InfraWare 360 allows users (in the Secure Web Portal or the IMC) to upload patient lists so MTs can have easy and immediate reference access in the ITC. See KB337 for instructions on how to do this. See KB543 for details on setting an expiration for Global Documents so they do not need to be manually deleted.  If it does become necessary to delete one or more Global Documents you can follow the steps outlined below.


  • IMC login with access to the Document Configuration tab ⇒ Global Documents sub-tab.


  • Log in to the IMC and navigate to the Document Configuration tab ⇒ Global Documents sub-tab.
  • By default the listing will be filtered to your Preferred Facilities.  See KB809 for details.  Filter by Facility, Document Name, or Description if applicable.
  • Select the documents you wish to delete by checking the box to the left of the Actions column for each document. 
    • Check the box at the top of the listing to check all boxes for all documents.
  • Click the Delete link at the top of the listing.


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