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How do I use Advanced Audio Options in the ITC?

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Advanced Audio Options in the ITC


Advanced Audio Options are available in the Audio tab of the Function Panel for cases when more customization is needed. 


  • ITC Beta version or newer


Advanced Options can be accessed in the ITC with Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + F2 or by clicking the link on the Audio (F2) tab on the ITC Function Panel. 

  • Always On Top:  The Audio Effects window is Always On Top by default when evoked, so the window will remain open as you work in the ITC.  You can minimize it with Hotkey Alt + A, or by clicking the box in the bottom right. 

  • Equalizer:  When the Advanced Options window opens the Equalizer tab will be in focus.  Equalization is a process which alters the audio frequency using filters. 
    • Adjust:  To make adjustments to the Equalizer settings you must first Enable Equalizer controls with hotkey Alt + Q or by clicking the box in the top left corner next to Enable Equalizer.

      Equalizer controls default to neutral position. 

      Adjust controls as needed by dragging the position slider up or down, making small adjustments (increase or decrease) to one frequency control at a time.  Each slider adjusts a specific frequency band, labeled in hertz (Hz), with the vertical motion increasing/decreasing the decibel (dB) output.  Low-end frequencies (bass) are located on the left, highs (treble) on the right, and midrange in between.

    • Save:  If you would like to save a profile of slider settings for later use hotkey Alt + S or click the Save link to enter a Name.  Click OK or press Enter when done to save the profile. 

      Saved profiles will be listed alphabetically in the drop-down menu.

    • Equalizer Hotkeys: 

      • Enable Equalizer toggle:  Alt + Q 
      • Rename:  Alt + R   
      • Save:  Alt + S  
      • Delete:  Alt + D 
  • Clarity Settings:  Clarity Settings can be accessed with hotkey Alt + C or clicking the Clarity Settings tab.

    • Normalization:  This option will enable or disable audio peak normalization.  When you enable this option by checking the box the message "Close and re-open Job to apply."  This means you will need to Close the job and Reopen it.  This will enable the new feature set.  Once this is done, changes to Range Compression are done on the fly by dragging the slider.  You only need to close and reopen the dictation if you enable or disable the normalization check box. 

    • Range Compression:  Range compression allows for the softening of loud sounds and the amplification of soft sounds, as opposed to a constant amount of gain across the audio.  Range Compression profiles are changed on the fly.

    • Equalizer Hotkeys:
      • Toggle Normalization:  Alt + N



  • When you close a job the Normalization and EQ Settings will persist to the next job you open. 
  • Range Compression does not persist because that would vary from job to job.

Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys Include

  • Open Advanced Audio Options: Ctrl + Shift + F2
  • Toggle Always on top:  Alt + A 
  • Equalizer Tab:  Alt + E 
    • Enable Equalizer toggle:  Alt + Q
    • Rename:  Alt + R  
    • Save:  Alt + S 
    • Delete:  Alt + D 
  • Clarify Settings Tab:  Alt + C
    • Toggle Normalization:  Alt + N

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