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What is the purpose of the Facility setting "Hide First Draft Labels"?

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Facility Setting "Hide First Draft Labels" Explained


InfraWare 360 allows admins to choose not to reveal to their clients that they have access to First Draft Dictation Recognition. First Draft is the name of InfraWare's back-end speech recognition service.  When First Draft is used, InfraWare servers run a speech recognition session against a new dictation upon submission.  When the Transcriptionist retrieves a job, both the audio and that First Draft for editing import into the MT's InfraWare Transcription ITC software. In some cases, transcription service providers prefer not to expose these settings to authors.


In the Advanced View of a Facility Settings page, under the section header "EHR Web Portal" there is an option "Hide First Draft Labels."  The platform behavior will be defined by settings applied by the Administrator.  When this Facility setting checkbox is selected, First Draft entries in the Audit Trail will not be visible to the Facility users in the EHR Web Portal.  If you wish to hide the audit trail from facility users see KB370









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