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Is InfraWare a speech recognition vendor?
Transcription workflow and back-end speech recognition 
How can I use my front-end speech recognition software in the IDC?
Front-end speech recognition in the IDC 
How do I see what MT Editors are enabled for First Draft?
Enable MT Editors for First Draft 
How do I enable MTs to be editors from the First Draft Editors page?
Enabled a transcriptionist to receive First Draft work 
What happens to a First Draft when the job goes to an MT?
First Draft jobs that are transcribed 
What is First Draft Lite?
Explanation of First Draft Lite 
What does the "Templated" column mean on the First Draft Authors pages?
First Draft parameters for templates 
What is the purpose of the Facility setting "Hide First Draft Labels"?
Hiding First Draft Labels 
What does the "First Draft Job" column in the Admin Queue mean?
First Draft column in IMC Queue 
How can I add words for First Draft to recognize?
First Draft Dictionary Explorer Explained 
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