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How can I adjust the character count for a template?

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How to Adjust the Character Count for a Template


When saving a template to the platform, metrics are computed and saved for the template.  These are used for billing and pay reports when template text is excluded. 


During the process of uploading a template to the platform, after completing the checkboxes to define treatment of characters in headers and footers, click the Advanced Settings button to access the character/line counting metrics for this template.


This can be helpful to view the metrics already computed for the template or to make a manual offsetting adjustment to the count.  There are some circumstances in which you might want to include some of the template text but not all of it.  This offset adjustment gives you granular control of the counts saved in the database that will be subtracted from the completed document character count when template text is excluded.  The offset can be either positive or negative to accomplish your goals.

Example:  If an MTSO wants to only Pay for 100 characters of a template, but Bill for the entire template, then the Character adjustment should be -100.  Also, the boxes for including headers and footers in the calculation should be left unchecked. The corresponding checkmarks for including/not including template needs to be checked in the models as well.  See KB653 or KB654

NOTE:  Adjustments made to the template metrics can affect both the Pay and Billing models if a Pay or Billing model is set to include the template text. 

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