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How to send Spellcheck suggestions from the ITC

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InfraWare Transcription Client - How to Submit a Spellcheck Suggestion 


The ITC spell check feature allows users to add words to their personal dictionary as needed.  Sometimes, a user will want to suggest that InfraWare update the system dictionary (such as with a new pharmaceutical).  More importantly, if a user believes the InfraWare 360 spell check dictionary includes an incorrectly spelled word, it can be important to relay that information since only InfraWare personnel can remove words from the system dictionary.  The platform allows MTs to send spellcheck suggestions directly from the ITC.   These spellcheck suggestions will be reviewed, researched for accuracy and added to a future update of the ITC spell check file.   The spell check dictionary is updated a few times per year.  To send a suggestion:


  • Login to the ITC using your username and password.

To send a spellcheck suggestion to InfraWare:

  • While a job is open in the ITC editor, click Help --> SpellChecker Suggestion.
  • A new window will appear.

  • Enter the correctly spelled word in the field provided
  • Enter any comments in the Details section.
  • Mark whether the issue is Missing, Misspelled, or Other
  • Click Send.

The report will be sent to our InfraWare Development team for review and any updates will be made to a future version of the ITC. 

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