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Why are authors missing from my list of First Draft candidates?

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Why are Authors Missing from the First Draft Candidate List?


For customers subscribed to the First Draft Dictation Recognition service, authors can be enabled or disabled for First Draft (speech recognition) in InfraWare Management Console under the First Draft tab.

The First Draft system automatically monitors the volume of dictation for each author to determine when there is enough data to perform recognition training. If there isn't enough data to perform an enrollment, the author is not listed to potentially be enabled.

Each author that gets enrolled (trained) gets a letter grade (A+, A, B, C) for each of the Document Types he or she uses. The list of authors displayed is limited to those authors who's recognition enrollment grade meets the criteria for the First Draft Edition in use by the customer:

Fast Start Edition - Only authors with an A+, A are displayed.  Designed to accelerate:

  • Initial Admin training/knowledge
  • Smooth MT to Editor transition
  • Admin effort
  • Minimizes risk of failure
  • Accelerates successful implementation
  • Develops strong foundation for future expansion

Professional Edition - Only authors with an A+, A or B grade are displayed. These results still show significant promise, but they will take a more experienced editor to work. So they may not be ideal for Accounts just starting out with First Draft.  These are available to Accounts at the Professional Edition or above. Additional control options to adjust and tune the recognition process are also available at this level.

Expert Edition - All enrolled authors with an A+, A, B or C grade are displayed.

What Edition Do I Have?

If you are wondering what Edition of First Draft is set for your account currently you can follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to the IMC
  • Go to the First Draft tab → Authors sub-tab

If you are interested in moving to the next level please contact the First Draft team at FDS@InfraWare.com.  InfraWare also has excellent training available.  Contact us today for details.

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