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What does the Source column mean on the First Draft Author Details page?

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Dictation Sources Explained


Every dictation that comes in to the InfraWare 360 platform has a specific source, or way that it was dictated. For instance, the TDS (Telephone Dictation Service) is considered to be one source, DSS files retrieved from a PDR are another source, and dictation spoken into a microphone and recorded by the IDC has a source labeled “IDC.” Dictation that comes in from the telephone has many acoustic qualities that make it sound different than a DS2 file, especially for speech recognition. In order to give you the best results possible, InfraWare automatically creates a different speech recognition training program for each of these sources. So, if an Author sometimes uses the TDS and sometimes uses the IDC, he or she may have different speech recognition results depending on the source. InfraWare gives you a high degree of flexibility by allowing you to enable or disable each of these sources by Document Type.

These sources are also exposed on the Author Settings page so an Administrator can specify which incoming dictations should be routed to the Document ID Queue to have the Document Type specified or corrected before job routing continues to First Draft or regular transcription:

If your Author dictates into multiple sources, but the source does not appear on the Author details page, then InfraWare has not had sufficient volume for one of the sources to complete training.

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