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When is the First Draft rate used for pay?

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First Draft Pay Explained


Pay Models in InfraWare 360 support both a regular (transcription) pay rate and a First Draft (editing) pay rate.  See related articles listed at the bottom of this article for information about how to create Pay Models.  When computing pay, the First Draft rate is applied whenever an MT had a First Draft available to him or her when he or she began work on the job, with a few exceptions.

  • If the MT is not an editor, but an FD job was routed to him or her anyway, then the Account setting detailed in KB532 will determine if the MT receives the First Draft, and thus which rate is used in pay.
  • In the case of partially transcribed jobs, the First Draft rate will be used if the first MT received a First Draft. This is because if the first MT receives the First Draft, then it is available to all subsequent MTs that work the job.
  • The ITC supports a feature to discard First Draft results in the event that they are not suitable for editing.  To do so, the MT editor should press Alt-D or select Discard First Draft from the File menu:

The feature to discard First Drafts should be used judiciously.  If certain authors or work types are not generating First Drafts that are effective, or if a suitable editor is not available for a period of time, it is better to disable First Draft in those circumstances.  See KB415 for how to do that.

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